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A selection of Adrian Munsey’s compositions from the five albums he has released to date – and from his forthcoming sixth album – are being offered for synch licensing purposes on this specially developed site through his publishing company Music Infinity Publishing. The featured tracks are mainly contemporary orchestral recordings which have been chosen for their particular suitability to combine with a whole range of visual imagery and also being fully cleared for all media usage. Examples of their use can be seen in the Video clips and our rate card provides licensing suggestions.

It is not being suggested of course that there is music here suitable for all occasions and all purposes but if it is evocative, melodic and powerful orchestral music you are interested in … then you have come to the right place! In addition to the tracks on the site you can also contact us to discuss special or tailor made arrangements or even commission works in a similar style to suit your own specific designs and requirements.

Adrian Munsey

Classic FM described Adrian’s music as “unashamedly melodic and heartwarmingly nostalgic, capturing the emotions stirred by visual imagery”. Working with eminent arrangers such as John Bell, Geoff Alexander, Nick Raine, Paul Bateman and Andrew Powell and the lyricist Jeff Chegwin, Adrian has released six albums of vocal and instrumental compositions: Incognito (2005), Requiem (2008), Songs (2010) Full Circle (2013) and Agnus Dei (2015) – with a new album Fragments of Memory scheduled for release in 2017.

Adrian’s music has been recorded by a wide variety of performers including Angele Dubeau, Blake, Jules Knight, Elin Manahan Thomas, the Philharmonia Orchestra, English Sinfonia and the Treorchy Male Choir. Regularly played on Classic FM and other radio stations and featured in TV documentaries, an intention of his music is to evoke atmosphere and a sense of place. His recent music played by the Medici Quartet and the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra was featured on the soundtrack of the Ken McMullen feature film OXI – An Act of Resistance.

For more information see adrianmunsey.com

Adrian Munsey
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